Mr. Buba Badjie making wardrobes for a hotel. He has a dose of malaria but is starting to feel better. Gunjar Medina, Gambia.
Buba and his friends take a break to enjoy some coconut.
Class one of the Mansa Colley Bojang school.
School secretary Aunty Chillel Bojang. Mansa Colley School.
Lads enjoying breaktime at the Mansa Colley Bojang school.
Two young ladies pose for a snapshot. Mansa Colley School.
The Night Watch Man, Mr Ebrahim Bah. Mansa Colley School.
Nursery C teacher, Aunty Charlotte Mendy. Mansa Colley School.
Nursery A&B teacher, Miss Fatou Saneh and a student. Mansa Colley School.
Grade 1 teacher, Mr Jack Mendy. Mansa Colley School.
Kids from the Bojang extended family wait for supper. Jalambang.
A local store, Jalambang.
A young man with his home-made dumbbells, Jalambang
This chap has caught a giant rat and it is for the pot. Jalambang.
These young fellows are helping to clear a field near the Mansa Colley School. And acting tough for the camera.
These ladies are making lunch for the chaps clearing a field near the Mansa Colley school. And singing a song to while away the time.
Brufut highstreet.
This fellow is selling his paintings to tourists. Casamance, Senegal.
A market in Casamance, Senegal.
Two young ladies pose for a picture. Casamance, Senegal.

Woman dancing. Casamance, Senegal.

A friendly young guy in Brufut, Gambia.
Mr Jah,a Fela gentleman, is blind. He lives in the family compound in Brufut.
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